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Electric Gate OperatorsDrawing power from the mains to open a driveway Gate. Generally there are three types of electromechanical gate operator, Worm driven (or Screw type), Articulated arm operators and underground operators[1]. Electric and Automatic Gate openers are designed for both sliding and swinging gates and fences. They can be programmed to open with a manual device or a wireless transmitter [2]. Automatic Gate operators can also be fitted with solar panels to ensure function during blackouts or loss of electricity. There are also three common classes of gates, Slide Gates, Swing Gates, and Barrier Gates.[3].

By choosing to have your gates automated, you will further enhance all the benefits of having gates at the entrance of your property.

Beyond the simplicity and convenience of opening and closing your gates with a remote control without having to leave your vehicle (which is most useful at night or in bad weather) automatic gates have additional advantages over that of manual gates.

Automation avoids the struggle with large and heavy gates that many people encounter, a simple press of a button on a remote control allows access. Visitors will usually use an intercom at the gateway to contact you before you let them in, this helps prevent unwanted callers and hawkers.

On the security front, electrically automated gates have irreversibly geared motors making it difficult for burglars to force open the gates and fitting a maglock ensuring maximum protection can enhance this further.

Having your gates automated increases the investment made to your property, with the extra style and exclusivity of automatically operating gates. It's possible to automate existing gates too, so you've no need to purchase an entirely new system.

Induction Loops

These devices are often referred to as pads in the road, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are in fact, made up of a roughly rectangular shaped wire loop, laid repeatedly around the rectangle to create a coil and then a miniature magnetic induction field is created above, so that when a metallic vehicle passes over this magnetic induction field, its presence is detected and throws a pulse switch to open the entrance. They are typically used on busy, accessible gateways to allow freedom of vehicle movement; sometimes for exit only, but sometimes loops are laid inside and outside to allow free entrance and exit. . Once installed, the sensitivity of the induction loops can be set to sense the types of anticipated vehicular traffic. Induction roadloops can sometimes be used in a vehicle still present mode to act as a safety device, as opposed to a switching device. Induction roadloops are often fitted in conjunction with other forms of switching.

Safety Photocells

active infra-red safety beams are invisible to the naked eye, but can be transmitted from a transmitter up to 35 ft in outdoor conditions to a receiver. These represent an excellent form of positive beam protection around the gateway and on wing type gates they are normally installed in two sets, one just in front of the gate line and one just inside the arc-line of travel described by the swinging wing of each gate. In this way, a safety zone will have been created, so that on the automatically timed closure of the electric gates, if a vehicle is still within the area of travel of the gates, it will prohibit the gates closing and furthermore, if a beam should be broken after the automatic closing has begun, it will re-open and hold the gateway open until the obstruction is clear.

Safety Edges

safety edges are soft profile sections of collapsable ABS material that can help to protect the leading edges of opening gates. When it comes into contact with an obstruction, it triggers the gates to stop or reverse their operation, so the object or person who was within the gates movement is safe and undamaged or unhurt!

It is sensitive along its entire length, to protect against contact with any obstacle, large or small. The exclusive patented system makes it possible for the entire edge to warp, sideways and front ways, to ensure reverse movement at the slightest contact. The size of the edge and its warping structure accurately detects the obstacle. An additional guarantee against blows and crushing.

Particularly useful for sliding gates and in situation where pets or children could get into the gate movement area and avoid the safety beams. It can be combined with a system of wireless connections to help keep complicated and unsightly wiring.

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